Monday, March 12, 2012

Saddle Racksss

I was happy enough with the results of my first saddle rack so Friday evening I started cutting out all the pieces to the next two racks. I even went so far as to pre-drill the screw holes so on Sunday all I would have to do would be the assembly. I only broke one drill bit. Oh, and my husband went to the hardware store and got me a longer jigsaw bit so I could cut the curves better (worked way better than the circular saw and heavy duty sanding).
Sunday I was able to put everything together. The only cutting I did on Sunday was the very bottom (the storage area). Here you can see the saddle rack I had from many years ago. It's taller and definitely not as fancy.
So later I can do some light sanding and either paint, poly, or stain.

As it turns out I did not use the entire 12' X 12" board for each stand. I ended up using the leftover pieces of plywood from Dakota's shed for the sides and bottoms of the stands. This left me with a whole twelve foot board and a half of one 12' X 12" board.

So if each board cost $12.24, I used screws I already had, and the plywood scraps I already had, I got three half way decent saddle racks for a grand total of $18.36. (I don't count the new bits.) Not too shabby!

Now to think up some sort of jump using three 6' X 12" boards...

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