Monday, December 5, 2011

Foraging For Wood

We went on a little drive to explore the area east of us the other day. We ended up in an area of the Ochoco Forest. We decided to forage for a little wood because we've exhausted our meager supply of almond wood that we had brought up from California. We picked up wood that was in big slash piles.
When we got home my husband cut it into useable chunks.
It was enough to almost fill the wood box by the front door. This will last about three days!
After we got home I looked on line and I'm not sure but I think we're supposed to have a permit even without a chainsaw. The wood gathering time actually just ended November 30th. I guess next year we'll make sure to do it right and get a permit and gather lots of wood before it gets cold.

Meanwhile we do have plenty of downed wood around the property here. The trick is bringing it to the house since we don't have any quads or tractors to haul it just yet.


Anonymous said...

No quads or tractors "just yet" sounds like a Christmas present on the horizon???
Or, you could train Flora to drag logs behind her. And for the really BIG logs, use Dakota the bull! : )
After all, you trained a mustang pony to jump!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

exactly what I was thinking too! I was picturing the old western movies when someone got hurt, and they build that 'drag along' thing with the wood and a blanket, and then they would plop in the wounded guy!
Although a quad with a mini trailer would be awesome, check out Craigslist in your area, Doug sold his for a really good price on that!