Friday, December 23, 2011

Making Cookies

One of my goals while the kids were here was to make cookies with my granddaughter. I figured Russian teacakes would make a good hands on experience. I made the dough and got the small portions ready for her to roll into little balls.
She just doesn't look as excited about the process as I thought she would be.
The cookies are baked and here we are rolling them for the first time in the powdered sugar.
After they cool we roll them in the powdered sugar one more time and then we get to taste.
Still so serious.
How about a smile?
I think most of the pictures were just bad timing. She really did have fun.


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Anonymous said...

What a beauty! She is such a little lady now, and I bet you had fun, and YUM!! Love those cookies! (like Mexican wedding cookies right?)
Kisses to all!!!