Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Much Better Today

I remembered there was a simple number calculation on how to tell if your angles were at 90°, but I had to go on-line to fine the exact formula. It's 3-4-5. Measure from the corner of one wall to 3', then from the same corner the other wall to 4'. Then the measurement from the ends should equal 5'.

I did that this morning using both back corners. Sure enough each wall had to be moved just a little. Once we got the walls moved and the brackets tightened (for the umpteenth time) the roof panels were much more correct. We got it to just about a 1 1/2" difference from one side to the other and I said that was about as good as we were going to get it.

So my husband kindly screwed in the panels. It was hard because although the screws were suppose to be self tapping we ended up having to get a seperate bit to drill through the extremely hard metal tubing.
In the end we got it on and it looks half way decent. I don't have a photo but after eating his dinner Dakota was laying in his shed.
About an hour after we finished our new tractor was delivered!
Here she comes!
Here she is!
She's a beauty!
The odometer. It's 00.6. ☺
First time driving it. I'm heading up to get the mail. Sorry, I just had to do it.
And here's the free stuff we got. Two travel mugs, two ball caps, and a pair of work gloves.
Tomorrow we pick up our daughter and granddaughter from the Amtrak bus stop in Bend. Things are looking up!

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Anonymous said...

"She" is beautiful!! Will we be hearing a name soon?
So happy the roof is on, the whole 3-4-5 was over my head (no pun intended) Looks very warm and cozy!!