Friday, December 9, 2011

More Of Dakota's Shed

Today we got the plywood sides for Dakota's new run-in shed. I had thought the spaces would be exactly 4' X 8', the size of a sheet of plywood, but they weren't. Together we measured all the spaces. Guess what? They sides were not exactly equal.
I transferred the measurements to each board and cut the boards to size. My husband had to run to the hardware store half way through because the blade I had was old and started bogging down. The new blade made things so much easier! (I hope the measuring worked.)
I did remember to mark each cut board to which space it was to go into.

I think I mentioned how my husband wanted the "not home made" look. It's turning out to be rather costly! He insisted on getting the thicker boards (5/8"), the ones with the knotholes filled and sanded, and we had to get primer and paint.

I got all nine sides cut out. Tomorrow I will primer and paint. I'm not sure how fast that's going to go so it may take a couple of days. Also I will order the roof (something to match the house roof, a little fancier than plain galvanized).

Oh well. In my allowing him this it's making him happy which in turn is allowing me to be happy because I still get to build.

It better look good when it's done!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what the finish project is going to look like, just from your projects in the past, I bet it will look wonderful!
Glad you postponed the kitchen, at least with this person, I think your gut feeling is right, you want someone coming in and building YOUR plans not his!