Friday, December 16, 2011

Good Day

Today was definitely a good shopping day. As promised yesterday we went to the Lowes in Redmond and stocked up on new lights. My husband got new icicle lights for the deck rail (which he hasn't put up yet) and I got new led lights for the tree.

They work great! And if I read the paper in the box correctly you can put 30 strings together. I only needed six. Jemi left a comment yesterday about the led's being bluish (even though they are supposed to be "white") and you can see here she is right. The angel has the "old fashioned" white lights.
Just need to put the ornaments on now.

While we were in Redmond we stopped at the Big R Store and got some fencing supplies. Here is our new solar wire charger. This ought to keep the bull in his own pen.

We'll work on putting that up tomorrow, along with the tree ornaments.

The other exciting thing we did was stop at the Kubota store. We were there for about an hour. We decided to buy a smallish tractor and we will go back tomorrow to do the paperwork! We are going to get a few implements as well. They will need to put it together and then they deliver it with a full tank of diesel and we'll get plenty of time to get the instructions on how to run it.

We could have used it a couple times already and we decided to just go ahead and get it. We had been planning on getting one sooner or later anyway and I guess it just turned out to be sooner!


Anonymous said...

It isn't every Christmas that you get a tractor for a present.

Kathy said...

Merry Christmas!!
A tractor.....very cool......congrats!
It's so exciting to "see" how you are settling in. We miss you and can't wait to see your new place!