Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Driveway Burning +

Today was spent doing a little shopping. Before jumping to buy the materials for the bull's shelter I first looked on-line and found some pre-fab metal frames available for purchase. After you buy and set the frames then you slide your plywood sheets into slots in the frames.

There are several companies that make these systems. I was surprised to find one company's prices started at almost $2,000. The other brand (Powder River) didn't have their prices listed on line. We went to the store in Redmond that carries them and took a look.

It will cost almost $1,000 for that frame, then I would have to purchase the roof panels and plywood sheets of my choice. The advantage is the metal frame would probably last much longer than if I just build the shelter out of wood. It would be easily moveable if I decided to rearrange the pens.

The downside is the initial cost. Also they don't deliver and the panels are pretty big. The best idea I had for that would be to set them up in the bed of the pickup and tie them like you would tie a motorcycle.

We did find a company in Prineville that carries Powder River supplies and in fact they had the same frame in their lot, but as luck would have it they were closed today for inventory! We'll check with them again. Who knows, maybe they even deliver!

After we got home we decided to finish clearing the driveway of the weeds. My husband got out his newish toy, the propane torch, and got to work.

So now the place isn't looking quite as neglected as before.

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