Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lighting Irritations

I decided that I'd better get going on decorating the tree and house tonight. We found the house icicle style lights and put them up along the deck rail.
I hate it when you have a string of lights and only half the string works.
I finally found the storage box of inside lights and loaded the tree up. I used a couple of leftover lights to decorate the stair rails.
The spindles are wrapped with a string of lights that has a little control box that can change them from steady to different flashing patterns. The wall handrail is an led string.
The boys.
We also found the box with my Christmas Woof N Poofs and I put them up.

The tree was looking pretty good and I knew it would look even better once I got all the bulbs up. Then the lights on the tree suddenly went out. We changed the fuse but it just went out again.

I guess with the outside lights only half working and the inside lights being rather old and not working right we will be heading to town tomorrow to get more, newer, possibly all led lights. Then I get to redo the tree. Ugh.

But I suppose its better to be safe than sorry!


jemi said...

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Anonymous said...

What no decorations on the pups?? Perhaps when you get your extra lights tomorrow, you can pick up some festive hats!! I am sure your real Woof & Poof's would love it!!
Love seeing the little peeks of the inside of the house too!