Monday, December 19, 2011

Time Flies

We didn't get a whole lot done today.

We did pick up our metal roofing material from the local lumber store and brought it home. We'll put it up on Dakota's shed tomorrow.
Then we went to the Fred Meyer in Redmond to do a "big" grocery shopping. I thought the Roseburg store was big... The Redmond Fred Meyer is at least twice as big.
Fred Meyer is nice because it's one of those super stores that has groceries, furniture, electronics, clothing, office supplies, even jewelry! I got a few clothing items for our granddaughter who will be here on Thursday with our daughter. We're very excited about that!

Our tractor should be delivered on Wednesday so hopefully I'll have some pictures of it then.

We attempted to change out some of the lights on the deck rail but they went out again. Very frustrating. We will give it one more try by putting a new fuse in, putting the lights half way around the deck, then start from another plug on the other side of the deck and meet up at the middle. Maybe that will do the trick.

I suppose we could get more done if we got out of our pj's before 11 am. But when you're retired who cares!

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