Saturday, December 10, 2011

Priming And Riding

Today I painted primer on the side of the plywood sheets that go on the outside of Dakota's shed. First I got everything ready and lined all the sheets up. Then I got started.
4/9ths done.
2 more to go!
All done primering. Primering? It only took about an hour.
Hopefully it will dry overnight and I can put the color on tomorrow.

Afterwards I actually went for a ride on Flora! This is the first time I've ridden since we've been here.
Flora was very feisty on the way out. At the end of the property we followed the fence line up towards the road. By the time we got to the top she was huffing and puffing, kind of like I do when I walk up the hill. She decided to take it easy and just walk at that point.

But the rest was mostly even going back towards the house. It felt good to go for a horseback ride again. I can see all the potential for trails and my very own cross country course but I'll definately need something to help clear the rocks and brush. Like a tractor. ☺

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Anonymous said...

Looks pretty clear up there, no snow yet, or does it fall and melt right away?
And, I am still stalling with my Christmas cards, I think I would just rather work outside! Tonights the night though. Tree is up finally, I guess just slowing down a bit!