Monday, December 12, 2011

Got Our Tree

Today we got our Christmas tree. We drove around our town but it seemed like the trees here were all too small and they were too thick, like a sheared Douglas. I don't like those because the ornaments stick out and in my opinion it looks stupid.

I've always preferred the medium thick trees so I can put lights and ornaments inside and all around the tree. Plus I wanted something a little taller than we normally got because we have a vaulted ceiling for the first time ever.

So we ended up driving through Redmond and eventually heading toward Bend. We stopped at one place that had taller trees but the guy must have thought I was a sucker. When I asked about a particular tree he said it was "a lot". He said "a tree like that is going for $100. Twenty. Nine." I swear he kept adding the numbers. I hemmed and hawed and told him I would be back if I couldn't find anything elsewhere.

We drove around a bit, then stopped at a Home Depot for a pottie break and while we were there we looked at the kitchen countertops. I grabbed a few samples and we decided to cut our losses and head for home. On the way home my husband happened to see a tree lot down a side road and we swung in there.

There was a tree right at the gate and we asked the guy how much for something like that. "Oh, I'd take forty for that one." My husband and I looked at each other and we said, "We'll take it!"

So we got it home and it is up though I still have to decorate it. Ollie is enjoying it too. I had to watch her to make sure she didn't try to climb it. I only had to yell at her once.

Ollie isn't the only one enjoying the tree.
Hopefully I can find all my lights and ornaments now!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tree! I saw some icicle decorations (not lights) and they reminded me of your collection of icicles. My tree has lots of silver pine cones this year- very pretty. I try to get some whenever they're available.

Anonymous said...

Such a deal!! The lots around here are about 50-75 for a 6'-7' tree! That is way too much, so we went to OSH and I had a coupon! So ended up 7' for only $21.99!! But it one of those ones you don't like, but I have it fixed up cute, and the smell is wonderful!