Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shed Roof: Fail

So how can two people spend three hours trying to figure something out?

We went out at 10:30 to start working on the roof of Dakota's shed. By 1:30 it looked like this:
Sadly, pretty much like it looked yesterday.

Well, my husband, brilliant constructionist that he is, wanted to start screwing the panels on right away. I said no, let's wait and make sure everything will go on correctly.

We put the panels up and no matter how much we pushed and pulled and tugged and turned it was apparent (to me at least) that the building wasn't square. At one point I suggested just to screw the panels on and come back afterwards to trim the ends straight. He didn't want to do that so we continued to try and figure out what was wrong. I figured out that Dakota had actually pushed the building a little and if it had been straight before it certainly wasn't anymore! I tried to explain to my husband that not being square and having the walls off just by a little meant that it would be off a lot further down the line. He sort of understands that but he doesn't have a mathematical, engineering type of mind.

So we finally stopped and went inside. I went on-line to do a little research and I think I know how to correct the problem. Our tractor should be coming tomorrow (hopefully) and we can use it to square the building up. Even if we don't use the tractor and it means we have to take part of it apart again I'm pretty sure we can get it square so the panels will fit on straight.

A few days ago the chainsaw stopped working so we took it in to the chain saw shop. Turns out the engine needs to be rebuilt and they are trying hard to find the parts it needs. We saw a truck on the side of the road with some wood for sale and we ended up buying it. At least now we have a supply of wood for a while.
Let's hope tomorrow goes better.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping tomorrow is LOTS better!! Hopefully they find the part for the chainsaw, tractor arrives with gas!,
you can tweek the stall, and the roof will feet AND,
you can put your feet up before everyone arrives!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Dakota tweaked the shed just to enjoy some company. From the picture, he looks pretty interested in the shed.

Kathy said...

Puh--leeze......it took 4 people 2 1/2 days to put up a shed......with destructions......I mean instructions....remember? A few hours on a roof is nothing! LOL
Square it up and it'll be great! I'm sure....really! :-)